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MorMor - Bored Games: Moropoly 

You: The power’s out. -JM

You: I’m bo-ored. -JM

Stranger: Sorry Boss, What do you want me to do about it? -SM

You: Entertain me. -JM

You: It’s cold here now. -JM

Stranger: Ergh okay I am on my way over. Be patient. -SM

You: I’m starting a fire. -JM

Stranger: Only in the fireplace! We don’t want a repeat of last time! -SM

You: I was thinking more your bed, but fine. -JM

Stranger: Don’t. set. my. bed. on. fire…..again. I am almost there sit tight. /Jesus/ -SM

You: I’ll use your sheets as kindling then. -JM

Stranger: JIMM! Please don’t! Come on now I am going as fast as I can! -SM

You: Fine then, you light this stupid fire. -JM

Stranger: Sebastian opened the door to the flat grumbling under his breath. “Where you at Boss?”

You: Sitting on the floor of the living room, Jim pulled the blanket from Sebastian’s bed around him. “Living room. Fire, now.”

Stranger: Seb rolled his eyes and moved quickly over to the fireplace getting started. “Man, it is really cold in here… Is that MY blanket?”

You: Watching as the fire came to life, Jim nodded. “Yes, you told me not to set it on fire.”

Stranger: ”You have blankets too boss.” Sebastian said moving away from the fireplace to inspect his handiwork. He moved around Jim and took a seat on the couch behind him.

You: ”Mine are eight hundred and fifty thread count Egyptian cotton. I am not bringing them out on the floor.” Scooting closer to the fire, Jim pulled the blanket tighter around his shoulders. “This is so boring.”

Stranger: ”Of course not. What on Earth was I thinking?” Sebastian muttered rolling his eyes. “What do you want me to do about that boss? The power is out, how am I supposed to entertain you?”

You: ”I’d suggest having an intelligent discussion over an interesting topic but I doubt I could get that from you.” Shrugging, Jim watched the flames lick at the wood. “Make me a cup of tea.”

Stranger: Sebastian groused and moved into the kitchen to make the tea “You could make this yourself you know?”

You: ”Why would I want to when you will?” No point in getting out of his spot, Jim was just beginning to get warm.

Stranger: Sebastian ignored him and finished up the tea, pouring some into Jim’s favorite mug, then is own. “Here you go boss” Sebastian muttered handing Jim the mug. He stood there for a moment unsure if he wanted to sit next to Jim, closer to the fire, or on the couch away from his Boss and the fire. He chose the first option taking a seat on the floor a few feet away from his Boss.

You: Taking the cup, Jim nodded in thanks and sipped at his tea. Watching as he sat down on the floor, Jim spoke, “I suppose I should ask you how your day has went, considering there’s nothing better to do.”

Stranger: Seb’s eyes widened a bit before clearing his throat “Well, thanks for the heart warming interest” He said sarcastically before smirking “It was fine, I took care of that job you wanted done. What did you do today?”

You: ”No problems, I hope.” Shrugging, Jim gave his own answer, bringing his eyes back to the fireplace. “I was doing work, until the power went out. Had on a lovely film in the background too. I think it was called Kill Bill.”

Stranger: Sebastian snorted a little of course Jim watched a movie about killing. “Sorry the power screwed you up boss.”

You: ”Yes, well, if I could control the weather I would be doing so already.” Huffing slightly, Jim took another sip of his tea.

Stranger: ”I am sure you would” Sebastian muttered under his breath before sighing. “so…” He drawled, racking his brains for something to say before his boss sent him away. He wanted to spend as much time with /this/ Jim as possible before he went back to being super boss man.

You: ”So?” Finishing his tea in several more sips, Jim placed the tea cup on the coffee table behind him, resting back into his spot quickly after. “This is so wretched.” Falling to lay on his back, Jim stared at the ceiling. “You’d think they’d have perfected this from happening.”

Stranger: Sebastian smiled lightly at Jim before shrugging “Nothing is perfect boss…Do you see anything up there?” He asked jokingly, nodding his head towards the ceiling.

You: ”Maybe so, but I’m fairly close to it.” Rolling his eyes, Jim spoke with a flat voice. “Nothing, nothing but the excruciating agony of boredom.”

Stranger: Sebastian rolled his eyes *yeah boss you are fairly close to perfect* he smirked before widening his eyes “I have an old board game shoved in my closet somewhere boss… Do you want to play..?”

You: Turning his head to look at the man, Jim sat himself up. Shrugging, Jim gave a nod. “Sounds appropriate, a bored game for a boring day.”

Stranger: Seb grinned and ran quickly into his room to find the game. *monopoly* He smirked how appropriate. His world controlling boss ought to appreciate this. He walked casually back into the parlor holding up the game “Will this work?” He smirked at Jim.

You: Looking at the box, Jim laughed. “It’s been a while since I even set eyes on that. Last time I played it, I was in elementary school.”

Stranger: ”You probably never lost” Sebastian grinned moving over to the coffee table to set up. “Hope you are prepared to loose today” He winked at Jim before focusing his attention back to the game.

You: ”Can’t quite remember, if I’m honest.” Moving to kneel at the coffee table, Jim watched the man set the board game up. “I know one game I particularly hated was Life. Ridiculous game. But you will lose, Moran.”

Stranger: ”Whatever you say Boss, Just roll the dice.” Sebastian sat back to what was guaranteed to be a very long, very interesting game.

You: Eyeing the silver playing pieces, Jim plucked the top hat up and placed it on Go. “Oh shush.” Rolling the dice, Jim made at a face at the number: Two. Putting his hat on the community chest, Jim pulled up a card. “Pay ten quid fine? For what?!”

Stranger: ”Boss, that’s the game! You probably shot someone!” Sebastian joked, laughing at the look of shock on Jim’s face.

You: Handing a note over, Jim flipped Sebastian the v. “If I shot someone and got caught, you’d think they’d charge me more than ten quid. Must’ve been a homeless man, no one’d miss him.”

Stranger: ”Wonder why you got charged anyway, I am the one who does your shooting.” Sebastian chuckled picking up the dice and rolling them, 7. He moved the battle ship 7 places, landing on chance “You won second prize in a beauty contest, collect 10 pounds” Sebastian grinned

You: Mouth falling agape, Jim stared at the sniper. Not only did he get a better roll, he already was now twenty quid a head of him. “You? In a beauty contest?! As if. This game is absurd and full of lies. No wonder I haven’t played it.” Snatching the dice, Jim rolled himself an 8. Happy for the roll, until Jim realized it landed him in jail. “Bloody hell. Sod this. Sebastian, bail me out.”

Stranger: Sebastian looked a little hurt at his bosses beauty contest comment, he knew he wasn’t amazing but he wasn’t /that/ bad to look at. “No can do, bail yourself out boss.”

You: ”I can’t bail myself out! What does this even mean, anyways

You: ”I can’t bail myself out! What does this even mean, anyways?” Scoffing, Jim sat down on his calves, trying his best not to pout.

Stranger: ”Come on now boss, don’t pout! Just roll doubles! I can’t go around spending my hard earned beauty contest money bailing you out all the time!” Sebastian was joking, but he still wanted to make Jim sit in jail for a few minutes. He couldn’t handle his boss in real jail so fake, board game jail worked.

You: ”Whatever, you roll. Hurry up, I’d like to get out of here.” Glaring at the stupid battle ship, Jim motioned with his hand to go.

Stranger: Sebastian nodded picking up the dice and rolling a 5 and moving toward the electric company. He snickered and paid for the property “Oh the irony. Your turn boss”

You: Grabbing the dice, Jim rolled himself two fours. “Hah!” Grinning like a shark, Jim moved his hat to Fleet Street. Paying the price, Jim shot the sharpshooter a smug look.

Stranger: ”Moving up in the word huh Jim?” Sebastian grinned rolling his own dice, moving 4 places to a nondescript street and purchasing it.

You: ”I will take over and you will be begging me for financial mercy within time, Moran. You and your little battle ship will always answer to me and my hat.” Tossing the dice again, Jim rolled himself another two and landed himself on free parking. “What’s that do?”

Stranger: Sebastian bitterly tossed some paper money at his boss “Money.” He muttered before picking up the dice rolling a 9. “Excellent” He grinned moving to the railroad station “These are my favorite” He paid for the property and looked at Jim expectantly.

You: Grinning, Jim hoarded the bills in his little pile after organizing them by amount. “Thank you!” Taking the dice, Jim tossed them at the board before moving his hat four spaces to Pall Mall. “What, I can’t afford this. Can I take a bank loan? Can I rob a bank? I only need a few more pounds.”

Stranger: Seb smirked “Sorry boss no can do, You gotta obey the law in this game!” Sebastian was enjoying the look of desperation on Jim’s face.

You: ”I can cause mass havoc at the bank of London but I can’t reach over and take your money? Says who?” Tempted, Jim kept his hands to himself for now.

Stranger: ”I mean you can try, but you would have to deal with me first.” Seb smirked and cocked his eyebrow, almost challenging his boss.

You: Reaching out, quick as a cat, Jim went to snatch a few paper bills from the man.

Stranger: While Jim was distracted with the bank money, Sebastian had reached over and grabbed a few of the paper notes in Jim’s pile “Two can play at that game boss.”

You: ”Hey, put those back! I’ll send you to jail.” Taking the little ship, Jim placed it on the orange square and grabbed some more bills to compensate his losses.

Stranger: ”You can’t just send me to jail boss!” Seb said taking a few more of Jim’s bills and placing his ship back in the proper place

You: ”Well you just can’t steal from your employer, or I’ll sink your battle ship and your whole crew will die a horrible, nautical death.” Glaring, Jim didn’t manage enough for the spot. No matter, he’d hoard for Mayfair. “It’s your turn.”

Stranger: ”My crew… Jim it is a tiny metal game piece…” Seb said slowly shaking his head a rolling the dice landing on the /go to jail/ spot. “Damn it.” He swore moving his piece and sulking a little bit.

You: Pointing, Jim nearly jumped up. “Hah! Karma, you twit!” Grabbing the dice, Jim tossed them up with a dramatic flare. Landing a six, Jim’s happy expression fell when he himself got sent to jail. “Well, this is a turn up…”

Stranger: Sebastian was rolling on the couch from laughter “Oh poor Jim, Karma came back up and bit him in the ass” Sebastian winked and rolled the dice hoping for doubles. No such luck. “your turn” He threw the dice lightly at Jim, giving him a sour look.

You: ”Oh sod off, I came to help you out, is all. It’s all a part of the grand plan.” Taking the dice, Jim rolled himself with no doubles. “You better not get out first, I can’t be left in jail alone again. I’m sure I got violated the first time.”

Stranger: ”Was he at least good looking, might as well enjoy it” Seb joked before realizing what he said “Er.. sorry boss I didn’t mean it like… I’ll just go.” Sebastian picked up the dice, still unable to roll doubles.

You: Shooting back with a shrug, “Who knows, he might have won a beauty award.” Rolling his eyes, Jim grabbed the dice himself. “You’re useless at this.” Tossing the dice, Jim swore when he got a three.

Stranger: ”You know I am the only man in your life who can win a beauty award” Sebastian grinned taking the dice and rolling a 4…comprised of a 1 and a 3 “Damn Damn Damn. Come on boss time to rescue me.”

You: ”Mm, I think Sherlock’d win a few awards.” Grabbing the dice, Jim rolled his eyes before rolling the cubes. “I’ll rescue you when I pl- Yes!” Throwing a hand up, Jim grinned when he managed a 12.

Stranger: Sebastian crossed his arms glaring at Jim “Sherlock? Win a beauty award?” Jealousy flared inside him as he rolled the dice, landing on the electric company. again.

You: ”Yes, he’s very pretty, those cheek bones, lovely eyes, and such pretty hair.” Rolling the die for himself, Jim landed himself on Sebastian’s electric company. “Ugh. Here.” Handing the bills over, Jim huffed.

Stranger: ”He isn’t that pretty.” Sebastian grumbled, upset, running his fingers through his own hair and taking the money from Jim, rolling the dice, landing on an unowned rail road, buying it, and sitting back not looking at Jim at all.

You: ”Well, I disagree. Not my type, though. Much to skinny,” taking the dice, Jim rolled himself to Old Kent and paid the price. “I much prefer the opposite of myself, really. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular…”

Stranger: Sebastian’s head whipped up, eyes, wide “You know.. I think I knew some people like that” He said casually rolling the dice and landing on Free Parking.

You: Shrugging, Jim gave a raise of his eyebrows with a small smirk. “Oh?” Though his lips pursed, “I can’t pay you. I haven’t any money left.”

Stranger: Sebastian smirked at Jim “Oh this is a pickle now isn’t it.. You have to pay me somehow.. Whatever shall we do?” He teased, though his words held a deeper meaning.

You: Blinking, Jim eyed the blonde man. “I don’t quite know. I could give you something else in exchange.:

Stranger: Sebastian grinned and shrugged, testing his boss “What do you have?”

You: ”What do you want?” Looking at his wrist, Jim pulled his watch off. “I’ve got a Tag watch.”

Stranger: Sebastian chuckled “I have my own watch Boss, I don’t want anything material.”

You: Giving a mock pout, Jim bit into his lip and looked up innocently through his lashes, “Then I’m afraid I don’t know what to give you.”

Stranger: Sebastian leaned forward, his face close to Jim’s. He put a finger under Jim’s chin, lifting it up, forcing their eyes to meet “Think. Hard.” Sebastian breathed.

You: Licking at his lower lip, Jim gave a small nod. Placing a hand on the back of Sebastian’s neck, Jim pressed their foreheads together. “I hope this suffices.” Closing the gap between their lips, Jim brought him into a slow kiss.

Stranger: Sebastian kissed his boss back, enthusiastically. He pulled away after a few moments and whispered “Yeah something like that ought to do.”

You: Nipping into Sebastian’s lip, Jim let the man pull away. “Good then. My roll, I think.”

Stranger: Sebastian groaned as he felt Jim pull away completely. His face was red with a blush as he nodded “Er.. yeah.. I think so.. yeah.” He stuttered.

You: Grinning, Jim counted the bills he swiped from Sebastian during the kiss. Grabbing the dice, Jim rolled himself to the waterworks. “Huh, look at that, I’ve got enough to buy it now. Don’t think I will quite yet though. Saving up for Mayfair.”

Stranger: Sebastian sat staring at Jim dumbfounded. “Are you going to do this again?”

You: Sending the man a laugh, Jim shrugged. “Not my fault you weren’t paying attention, my dear.”

Stranger: Sebastian glared at him rolling the dice, “I was a little preoccupied boss.”

You: Blowing him a kiss, the consulting criminal winked at the man. “I think you can stop calling me boss for the time being, Sebby.”

Stranger: Sebastian leaned forward again, this time breathing hotly into his ear “What do you want me to call you /boss/”

You: Clutching to the bills, Jim shuddered at the breath. “A number of lines run through my head, but I think Jim would work.”

Stranger: ”Oh yeah?” Sebastian leaned in even more, licking the shell of Jim’s ear as his fingers, carefully and delicately, worked the bills out of Jim’s hand.

You: Lowering his voice an octave, Jim tightened his grip on the paper money. “You’re not getting them back.”

Stranger: Sebastian chuckled darkly moving his lips lower, latching on to Jim’s neck, licking and sucking till he found a spot to nibble on, starting to make a mark.

You: Tilting his head back, Jim bit back a small moan. Fingers loosening around the play money, Jim let his eyes flutter close.

Stranger: Sebastian moved quickly, money in hand, he pulled away from Jim and sat back in his seat, victorious. “Two can play at that game /Jim/”

You: Eyes flying open, Jim pushed them into a glare. Snatching the little battleship, Jim whipped it into the fire. “Hah!”

Stranger: Sebastian had tossed Jim’s hat into the fire without a second thought “Where are we now?” He smirked.

You: Flipping the board at Sebastian to distract him, Jim took as much money from “the bank” as possible. “I’m still wealthier than you.”

Stranger: Seb grinned “Much good it will do you, being in the fire and all.”

You: ”I’m the devil, Moran, the fire is my home.” Sitting back on his calves, Jim counted his play pounds.

Stranger: Sebastian rolled his eyes “Did you win then?” He said motioning to the play money Jim was holding hostage.

You: ”I always win, Sebby.” If he recalled right, he had more property than the man in the game as well.

Stranger: ”Of course you do Jim. You can have whatever you want” Sebastian said shaking his head, grabbing the tea mugs from earlier and starting to walk towards to kitchen.

You: ”Of course I can!” Seating himself back in front of the fire with the bills, Jim folded them into birds and crumpled them into balls before tossing them into the flames.

Stranger: ”Jim you are going to wreck my game!” Sebastian called from the kitchen, knowing his boss was burning everything.

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